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Antonelli Family Contractors has always been a family-focused business, providing honest and reliable services to the local community. Even before the company was formally named after the Antonellis, Angelo Antonelli and his son, Len Antonelli Sr., were well-recognized for their home construction and repair services in Pennsauken, Stratford and Haddon Heights. Len Antonelli Sr. passed the family trade down to his own son, Len W. Antonelli.

Len Sr. and Len W. have a work portfolio that includes projects with the McGuire Air Force Base, Port Authority, Turnpike Authority, Rutgers University and Princeton University. Len W. has used his talent skillset for jobs with Western Pest Control, Moorestown Friend School and Headmasters Kitchen Windows installation. In the late 1970s, Len W. struck out on his own and founded All Seasons Repair, which was later renamed Antonelli Family Contractors.

Len holds a strong belief in serving and strengthening the community and has taken on many personal projects to donate his time, resources and skillset. Some examples of his generous spirit include donating time to renovate kitchen floors for St. Judes and repairing the shed and kitchen for the GT Lions Football team in Blackwood. Len also connected strongly with the Cassabria family and the mission of “Nico’s Army” in the fight against cancer; he assisted the family with much-needed renovations to their family room and bathroom.

Antonelli Family Contractors has always been centered on family and service. Our philosophy is founded on hard, honest work. Family runs in our business – over three generations of Antonellis have committed themselves to serving you and your family. Len, the proud owner and operator of Antonelli Family Contractors, along with his daughter, Gabrielle, and son, Len J. Antonelli, provide you and your family with the best solutions for a comfortable, stylish and durable home.